Could not be simpler:

  • Competence through experience
  • Service
  • Quality
  • Operational readiness
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Cost-consciousness
  • Careful growth
  • Customer satisfaction

For us, these are not just slogans, they’re day-to-day reality.


1972 – 1980

In 1972, Josef Roth laid the foundations for the Reederei Roth with the Blohm + Voss built general cargo ship "Mailand". The vessel was renamed "Viktoria Roth". Respectable growth followed with continuous purchases of tonnage already at sea, most of them being multipurpose vessels of the types 36L, German Liberty, Trampco and Neptune. In addition, Reederei Roth also offered classic tramp steamer services, as well as a worldwide shipping line service with holds sized to demand. During this period, the size of the ships varied from between 2,000 to 16,000 tdw. Then, as today, the headquarters of the company was in Hamburg.

1980 – 1990

The general cargo market shrank in favour of containers. Against this trend, Reederei Roth made a conscious decision to concentrate on cargo and ro-ro shipping, transporting coal, ore, steel and grain. The number of cargo ships was markedly reduced. The construction of the bulk cargo fleet began with the acquisition of the Handysize bulk carrier "Menina C“. In addition, Reederei Roth made consequential advances with their service portfolio. As well as having full management over our own ships, since 1986 we also look after ships from other shipping companies, with regard to technical and full services.

1990 – 1999

The switch to bulk cargo was sealed with the sale of the last general cargo ship. Reederei Roth then serviced Handysize bulk carriers of between 24,000 to 33,000 tdw. These ships were equipped with their own cargo lifting gear and grab arms and could load, convey and discharge completely self-sufficiently. As one of the first German shipping companies, we were certified in 1997 by Germanischer Lloyd, according to SOLAS ISM requirements. Annual audits guaranteed the highest quality levels. In 1999 Reederei Roth moved into the Panamax size class for the first time with the purchase of the "Global F“, a bulk carrier built in Japan in 1998 with 73,700 tdw. On account of their interesting cost-benefit structure, these ships were about to be the successors to the Handysize class in the days to come.

1999 – today
Finally, at the beginning of the 21st century, the Handysize bulk carrier gave way completely to the larger units at Reederei Roth. Now this process is complete. Today, three of our own Panamax bulk carriers are under our full management, as well as further third party vessels under our technical management.

Just as our success has been continuous and gradual since our founding, we see a continuation of this consistency for a secure growth pattern into the future.


Reederei Roth charters the ships entrusted to it by internationally active shipping companies and first-class operators from every continent. Thanks to the promises that we have kept, the higher quality service that we offer is accepted as standard, and in this way we have enhanced our reputation.

Our employees have a large range of specialist knowledge, and have usually been active for many years in the company, as well as being highly motivated. Seamen and engineers are aware of the practical sea operational requirements from their own experience. With regular inspection visits we maintain contact with our ship's crews and, in addition, we supervise all objectives concerning security, environmental protection, economic efficiency and cargo care consciousness on-site.

Preventative servicing of the ships prevents downtime and maintains the current property values. This quality policy means that we have been able to translate this trust into low premiums at our insurers.

Competence and performance strength have been able to secure high quality standards and a profitable investment for Reederei Roth's customers – for over 30 years.

Customer satisfaction is our aim.